The Dojo Rules





No jewellery may be worn at any time

Finger and toe nails must be kept short and clean

Before entering and leaving the Dojo you must bow from the waist

No chatting, no smoking, no gum chewing, no eating and no drinking.

Punctuality at all times is essential

The Instructor is always called Sensei and treated with respect. If, for whatever reason the student loses respect for his or her master they must immediately leave the club

The Student must always respect and opponentand never lose his or her temper regardless of how the opponent behaves




We have compiled a list of rules for the parents!! The purpose of this is to make sure that your child is safe – and also that they don’t get distracted whilst training.

If you are dropping your child off for training, please ensure that there is an instructor there before you leave them, especially when it gets dark.




If you are staying to watch your child, the following rules apply:



Mobile phones must be either on silent or switched off

Please don’t talk unless it’s absolutely necessary

Don’t try to attract your child’s attention whilst they are training

Don’t tell your child what to do during the lesson.

Please don’t keep walking in and out of the Dojo, it is very distracting for the children




These rules are mainly for safety, any sort of distraction could be dangerous.

Please also understand that while we do allow parents to watch, we don’t encourage it. Martial Arts training is there to improve your child’s confidence and we find that they progress much faster when they do not have Mum or Dad watching. Also – it prepares them for Competition ect when Audiences are watching.

Do not let young children run in and out of the Dojo, if they run into the training area it could be very dangerous (especially if we get hold of them!!!).




History of Karate History

In its earliest stages, the martial art known as "karate" was an indigenous form of closed fist fighting which was developed in Okinawa and called Te, or 'hand'. Read more



Belt Gradings Belt Gradings

The challenge of Karate is an intense personal one. Basically
it is a question of whether the student has the determination for the diligent practice required to improve.


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