Kaizen Karate Senior Section Kicking

Black Belt 1st Dan Syllabus


Khion Waza

1) Kette Junzuki
2) Kette Gyakuzuki
3) Kette Junsuzuki - no - Tsukkomi
4) Kette Gyakuzuki - no - Tsukkomi
5) Nagashizuki
6) Mawashigeri Jodan
7) Sokuto Jodan
8) Ushirogeri Chudan


Renkei Waza

1) Maegeri Chudan - Mawashigeri Chudan - Ushirogeri Chdan - Gyakuzuki Chudan
2) Maegeri Chudan - Nagashizuki Jodan - Gyakuzuki Chudan - Gyakuzuki Chudan


Ippon Kumite

Jodan Uke - Ipponme - Yonhnme
Chudan Uke - Ipponme - Yonhnme
Maegeri Uke - Ipponme - Yonhnme


Ohyo Kumite

Ipponme - Nihonme - Yonhnme


Kihon Kumite

Sanbonme - Yonhnme



Bassai - Chinto - ( Plus Pinan Kata of the Examiners Choice )


Ji Ju Kumite



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History of Karate History

In its earliest stages, the martial art known as "karate" was an indigenous form of closed fist fighting which was developed in Okinawa and called Te, or 'hand'. Read more



Belt Gradings Belt Gradings

The challenge of Karate is an intense personal one. Basically
it is a question of whether the student has the determination for the diligent practice required to improve.


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