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Sensei Billy Cross

Chief Instructor for Kaizen Karate Academy.


We affiliated in 2004 with Longford Karate in Wales and Chief Instructor for Longford Karate, Sensei Marten Hughes to form a very strong Affiliation (Longford, Kaizen, Karate Do Wado). To teach good Karate to our students, without the politics that have taken over so many karate clubs.

Sensei Billy Cross has been studying Wado Ryu Karate for some 30 years. He has been taught under Japanese Master H. Ohtsuka II, Sensei Suzuki, Sensei M Shiomitsu. In the past he has coached the Scottish National Team, he also taught under Sensei Dave Bishop at one of the toughest Karate Clubs in the Country in the early days of Karate learning a great wealth of experience.

Having himself entered at all levels of competition in the early days of Karate at Kata and Kumite having won titles all over the UK and Europe.


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History of Karate History

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